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I Dolci from Dolce

My pies, tartlets and bars:  chocolate cream / pineapple cream / coconut cream / butterscotch/ chocolate hazelnut /  ambrosia / chocolate mousse  / white chocolate banana / vanilla cream with berries / key lime / lemon cream / caramel / seasonal peach cobbler

cream pies have graham cracker or cookie crusts and are topped with whipped cream / GF coconut or pecan crusts available / pie shots are GF​ / key lime and lemon cream available GF 

My cookies:  chocolate chip* / sugar* / snickerdoodles* / butter pecan  / Mexican wedding /  macadamia shortbread / chocolate caramel / chocolate crinkles/ oatmeal chocolate chip* / oat toffee chip* / flourless chocolate hazelnut / flourless peanut butter / toffee chocolate chip* / triple chocolate / pecan tassies / flourless chocolate pecan / flourless chocolate tartlet / flourless peanut butter oat chocolate chip  / GF chocolate crinkles / GF chocolate pecan chocolate chip /  chocolate mini chip/ chocolate dark chocolate chip / chocolate pecan shortbread / lemon meltaways / lemon sugar cookie bars

*These cookies available as individual frozen dough balls so you can have a fresh homemade cookie right out of your oven!  

Breads and Pound Cakes

 My breads and pound cakes:  lemon pound cake / cinnamon pecan sour cream pound cake / banana bread / pumpkin bread / carrot pineapple pecan bread / strawberry bread / sweet potato bread  / fresh apple cake / chocolate pound cake / caramel pound cake / cream cheese pound cake /  hummingbird bread / blueberry / dried cherry streusel / lemon streusel

Sheet Cakes, Tortes and Brownies

My sheet cakes, tortes and brownies:  Texas sheet cake / coconut cake / devil's food cake / yellow cake / /  red velvet cake / carrot cake / lemon cake  / coconut pecan cake / flourless chocolate cake  / chocolate pecan torte / chocolate decadence / blondies  / brownies / dulce de leche brownies / cream cheese brownies / mocha streusel coffee cake / streusel coffee cake

Ice Creams and Gelati

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My ice creams and gelati:  vanilla bean / white chocolate vanilla bean / chocolate hazelnut / chocolate /  coconut / butterscotch butter pecan / coffee / coffee bean coffee / pistachio / pecan praline / pineapple / lemon / caramel

Layered and Creamy Desserts / Cream Puffs

My layered desserts - full 9x13 / half 8x8

chocolate:  pecan crumb crust / rich sweet cream cheese / chocolate cream / whipped cream

peach kuchen:  pecan crumb crust / peaches / creamy custard

tiramisu:  classic Italian dessert (no raw eggs/available with or without liquor)

chocolate mousse torte:  dense, moist chocolate cake   / chocolate mousse

My creamy desserts (all GF) - can be topped with macerated fruit, chocolate ganache or whipped cream

vanilla bean panna cotta / lemon panna cotta / white chocolate panna cotta / cafe au lait vanilla bean layered panna cotta / chocolate pots de crème/ crème brulee

Cream puffs - bite sized crisp pastry filled with your choice of pastry cream or mousse, perfect for parties (vanilla / chocolate /  chocolate hazelnut / butterscotch / lemon / lime / coconut / strawberry / raspberry) 

Icings and extras:

milk chocolate / semisweet chocolate / vanilla bean cream cheese  / mascarpone / chocolate ganache / powdered sugar vanilla bean glaze / caramel sauce / crème anglaise / macerated fruit