Pies /Bars / Layered and Creamy Desserts - my personal favorites!

My pies, tartlets and bars (18 per pie/1.50 per tartlet or shot)  chocolate cream / pineapple cream / coconut cream / butterscotch/ chocolate hazelnut /  ambrosia / chocolate mousse  / white chocolate banana / vanilla cream with berries / key lime / lemon cream / French lemon tart 

cream pies have graham cracker or cookie crusts and are topped with whipped cream / GF coconut or pecan crusts available / pie shots are GF​ / key lime and lemon cream available GF 

Chocolate caramel tartlet 2.75 per tartlet -  chocolate shortbread crust / chocolate mousse/ caramel / chocolate drizzle

My layered desserts -  9x13 25 each   tiramisu 35 each

banana pudding : vanilla wafers / vanilla pastry cream / bananas / sweetened whipped cream

layered chocolate pie:  pecan crumb crust / rich sweet cream cheese / chocolate cream / whipped cream

peach kuchen:  pecan crumb crust / peaches / vanilla custard / cinnamon and sugar

millionaire bars:  crumb crust / caramel / chocolate ganache

double chocolate  mousse trifle:  pecan cake / chocolate and white chocolate mousses / whipped cream

tiramisu:  classic Italian dessert (no raw eggs/available with or without liquor)

chocolate mousse torte:  dense chocolate cake / chocolate mousse 9 in torte

My creamy desserts (all GF 1.75 per dessert)- vanilla bean panna cotta / lemon panna cotta / white chocolate panna cotta / vanilla bean coffee layered panna cotta / chocolate pots de crème/ crème brulee